GM fren$ DAO

 'GM fren$' is a limited edition of 3000 pieces generative art and DAO for artists and collectors!  

Pre Sale: 04/26 5 PM UTC | Price: 0.03 ETH 

Public Sale: 04/27 5 PM UTC | Price: 0.05 ETH 

Supply: 3000 

About GM fren$ DAO

This is a kind of Artist collaboration DAO, it will not be limited to just art, it will provide some utilities. It was inspired by the 888 Inner Circle. But going one step further, community members made up of art lovers directly vote for up-and-coming artists and support them. We regularly release artist collaboration collections. The DAO will receive a portion of the project's revenue, which will allow for continued growth.

Road map

  • 1

    Exclusive GM frens Community

    After minting, GMfrens holders will have exclusive access to their private channels. We will share information about up-and-coming crypto artists and their art. GMfrens will also create a close community with many events.

  • 2

    GM frens DAO

    The DAO will create a community focused on determining the direction of GMfren. We will work together to discover new artists and find ways to improve their creative environment. Our DAO operates in a decentralized way. The selection of new artists to support will also be decided through voting.

  • 3

    GM frens merchandise store

    We plan to open a store selling a variety of products such as shirts, shorts, hoodies, and shoes. The various works of GM fens will spread further through this product. Revenue goes back to the community wallet.

  • 4

    GM frens physical art

    We will deliver GM frens physical arts to selected community members. These physical arts are drawn for free; pay for shipping. Requirements for eligibility will be announced after minting.

  • 5

    GM fren collaboration project

    Quarterly, we host collaboration project that create art works on the same theme with new artists selected by DAO. This will be a concept similar to the group exhibitions often held in traditional galleries. 10% of the project's revenue goes back to the community wallet. And the rest goes to the participating artists.