"I think the foundation of my art is comics...

 I actually drew comics for years. Definitely, comics, cartoons, street art, and pop art are the most important categories that stimulate my instinct."  

- Kevin Choi


My Works

 Since 2021, I have been making crypto art with various themes. I want to make paintings that look as if they were made by a child!

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GM fren$ - DAO for artists and collectors

"GM fren$ is a generated art edition of 3000 limited pieces. GM fren$ DAO will create a community focused on determining the direction of GMfren. We will work together to discover new artists and find ways to improve their creative environment. Our DAO operates in a decentralized way. The selection of new artists to support will also be decided through voting."

2022. ERC-721
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Meta Skulls

"Meta Skulls is a limited edition of 33 unique pieces. It is my first ERC-721 based collection. It's art, but holders get a lifetime whitelist and exclusive airdrop to Kevinchoi's new collection. You can also automatically participate in the 1/1 Artwork Raffle every quarter."

2021. ERC-721
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Meta Art

"Meta-Art is a 1/1 art collection with the main theme of Metaverse and NFT. It's my first NFT collection to be released on Opensea, and it's the starting point for all of my art. It is art but gives holders the same benefits as Meta Skulls. It's a collection that I would like to recommend to people who are new to my work."

2021. ERC-1155

Next Drop

GM fren$, which consists of 3000 unique NFTs, will start pre-sale and public sale in April. Visit our Discord for details.